martedì 7 gennaio 2014

"Artisticamente in noi" for VCU Communication Arts

Commarts Assistant Professor Stephen Alcorn has illustrated an anthology of Italian poems and songs titled "Artisticamente in noi". Edited by Gioia Lomasti and Gaetano Cuffari, and published by Photocity Edizioni (Milan, Italy), the volume constitutes a moving tribute to the modern-day, post WWII, Italian "canzone d'autore" (author song), as exemplified by Italy's most revered singer/songwriter, F...abrizio de Andrè (1940-1999). Adorning the front cover of the anthology is a full-color, metaphorical image by Alcorn titled "IL giardino di Dylan" (The Garden of Dylan); the back cover features an equally metaphorical image titled "L'Occhio della saggezza" (The Eye of Wisdom).

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